New built projects (NPP & SMR)

We have unique experience of the entire process for building a new nuclear power plant covering all activities needed from the first planning actions to the operation of the NPP
as well as consulting the planning of small modular reactor (SMR) implementation.

We are free-standing NPP owner and operator, independent on plant suppliers and capable to support embarking countries, existing NPP operators and SMR implementation planning enterprises in their new built projects.

The areas of consulting we offer are for example:

  • Embarking countries: Develop National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power including all three Milestones as defined by IAEA
  • Establish and strength a good safety culture
  • Planning and putting into operation public acceptance strategy
  • Develop infrastructure of NPP or SMR site
  • Develop procurement strategy for a new NPP or SMR
  • Support the owner/operator in safety and licensing activities
  • Feasibility studies related to the new build project, site and technology & licensing
  • Invite and evaluate bids, supplier evaluation and selection
  • Proceed from bids to the plant delivery contract Planning and preparation for the execution project
  • Execution Support in NPP or SMR project execution (engineering, construction and commissioning, EPC)
  • Prepare for and start the operation of the new NPP or SMR
  • Operations, Maintenance, Outage planning of NPP or SMR