Finland's greatest single climate action is now true, Olkiluoto 3 is ready. OL3 makes Finland almost self-sufficient in electricity and brings us a long leap closer to a carbon-neutral society.

30% of Finnish electricity comes from one island that provides entire lifecycle management for nuclear power.

We are TVO — a core power factor for climate.

Our electricity production now (MW)

OL1 0.0
OL2 877.8
OL3 1318.8

Electricity for the whole Finland

The safe operation of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is based on skilled personnel and high-level plant technology. We produce almost third of Finland’s electricity in a year.

production_icon1 It is equal to the annual consumption of 1,3 million houses.
production_icon2 It could also charge up to 4.6 million electric cars to travel around the world (total 40,075 kilometres per round).