Social opinion leader

Active and transparent stakeholder cooperation is at the heart of TVO's operations.

TVO cooperates with political decision-makers and the Government to develop and execute energy legislation and guidelines. TVO’s interaction with stakeholder groups is always guided by strict ethical principles, thus strengthening trust in the operations of TVO and the stakeholder group without jeopardizing the reputation or objectivity of either party.

Memberships in nuclear industry organizations

TVO is an active participant in both the national and international nuclear power community, as well as in various organizations and communities of the nuclear energy sector.

TVO’s most significant international memberships are those in FORATOM, the trade association for the nuclear energy industry in Europe, and the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) which focuses on the development of nuclear safety. TVO also complies with the recommendations and requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Local communities

TVO normally engages in free-form interaction with the residents of the neighboring areas at open coffee and chat events and the SuomiAreena public debate forum, where discussion about the company and nuclear power is lively.

TVO publishes Uutisia Olkiluodosta (News from Olkiluoto) magazine for people living in the immediate region and communicates diversely through digital channels. TVO also organizes regular interaction through various forums, such as the Municipal Cooperation Committee. The Municipal Cooperation Committee was established in the 1970s upon the initiative of TVO. The committee is a forum for interaction and exchange of information, providing local municipal decision-makers with first-hand information. In addition to representatives of TVO and Posiva, the committee includes representatives appointed by the municipalities and towns of Eurajoki, Rauma, Nakkila, and Eura. TVO also maintains close interaction with Eurajoki in the municipality’s own cooperation team. In addition, TVO participates in the operations of the Vuojoki Foundation and Vuojoki cooperation group.

TVO normally arranges four science and technology camps per year for elementary school children with the theme Kiinnostus herää kokeilemalla (Whetting your appetite by experimenting). The Olkiluoto science and technology camps have been offered since 2003. Each camp lasts from Monday to Friday and is attended by up to 22 children, a total of 88 children during the summer. At the camp, the children get to learn about natural sciences and technology on their own terms.


The views of stakeholder groups regarding TVO’s corporate social responsibility aspects are best obtained from the continuous flow of visitors to Olkiluoto. A visit to the Visitor Center and the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is the best and most effective way for stake holders to learn about nuclear power.

Visitor Center is open to all visitors with no advance booking needed. The Electricity from Uranium science exhibition at the Visitor Center provides information about the production of electricity using nuclear power and covers the entire lifecycle of the uranium fuel from responsible mining to safe final disposal. Guided tours are arranged for groups who have registered in advance.

Sponsorship activities

TVO supports sports, cultural endeavors, and activities for the public good. TVO’s sponsorship principles are built on the company’s values, and the supported activities must be in line with the company’s strategy and operating principles. When selecting partners and sponsorships, the emphasis is on offering opportunities for recreational activities to children and young people in the local area. TVO supports activities that reach large numbers of people and are open to everyone.

Decisions concerning sponsorships and donations are made by TVO’s HR Competence Center together with the management of the company. In line with the sponsorship principles, TVO does not sponsor any activities that do not comply with the TVO values, ethical code, or principles of social responsibility, or any political or religious organizations or projects.