Code of Conduct

TVO's Board of Directors approved the Code of Conduct on February 18, 2021 and it was taken into use on May 1, 2021.

TVO Group's Code of Conduct is based on Group’s values, and it complies with OECD's code of conduct guidelines for multinational enterprises. The Code of Conduct applies to the Group's management, administration, and personnel, regardless of their position or business location. A dedicated Code of Conduct has been issued for stakeholders, contractors, and suppliers.

The Code of Conduct defines Group's general business principles and policies for responsible operation. TVO uses the Code of Conduct to ensure that everybody shares the same perception of the business practices and ethical principles promoted by the Company. TVO expects everybody within the Company to follow the common rules and principles of responsibility and ethics.

Risks arising from non-compliance with the Code of Conduct are managed by means of internal control and the control procedures of internal audit, as well as through TVO's risk management procedures.

Everybody working at TVO Group is responsible for following ethical business practices. The employees and suppliers of the TVO group must follow all existing laws, regulations, and regulatory guidelines, as well as the Code of Conduct.

TVO Group's subcontractors and stakeholders are informed about the Code of Conduct by, for example, attaching the Code of Conduct to contracts concluded with contractors and cooperation partners. Training on the Code of Conduct of TVO Group's personnel and the contractors operating in Olkiluoto is included in the induction training, which is a precondition for a Pass card to Olkiluoto. The induction training must be repeated with regularity.

TVO Group's Code of Conduct (pdf)
Supplier Code of Conduct (pdf)

Reporting non-compliance with Code of Conduct

All our suppliers must abide by this Code and they are encouraged to contact TVO Group´s supervisory or managerial personnel if there is doubt about the best practice.

Operation that contravenes the Code of Conduct shall be reported to TVO Group´s internal audit.

Everyone may confidentially and, should they so wish, anonymously report any actions or issues that are in violation of the Code of Conduct.

The report may be submitted via the following channels:

- By submitting a report either anonymously or with contact information to the reporting system to which links are provided on the websites of TVO, Posiva, TVONS and PSOY as well as as on the Intranet site of TVO Group (report of potential violation of Code of Conduct)

- By sending an e-mail to internal audit: sisainen.tarkastus(at) (not anonymous)

- By filling out the printable report form or submitting in some other manner corresponding information in writing to the address: INTERNAL AUDIT /Code of Conduct, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj, Olkiluoto, 27160 EURAJOKI, FINLAND.

Printable report (pdf)

- By forwarding the information to TVO Group’s internal audit personnel over telephone or in person.

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