TVO as an employer

The TVO Group is the centre of nuclear expertise in Finland. The high standard of operation is done by skilled, professional and experienced personnel. The nuclear industry employs approximately 4,000 people in Finland and about 1,000 of them work for the TVO Group.

TVO masters the full lifecycle of a nuclear facility from design and procurement until the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. The expertise hub in Olkiluoto has the resources and functions required for safe and economical production of nuclear electricity as well as the uniform operational culture.

The goal of the TVO Group is to ensure the equality and well-being of the work community which does not approve any discrimination and which promotes the implementation of equality. TVO's Code of Conduct and Group-level policies define the company's general principles and guidelines for responsible operations as well as the principles applied to personnel policy. A prerequisite for TVO’s operations is that all of its employees remain motivated, carry out their duties in a responsible manner, and commit to the agreed procedures.

TVO aims at guaranteeing a safe workplace and working environment for all employees, contractors and service providers, and ensuring that standardised procedures and practices are followed in the Group’s operating area.

The occupational health and safety activities are are guided by an ISO 45001 certified occupational health and safety system (OHS system).

TVO complies with the collective agreements of the energy sector in its operation. TVO respects the freedom to organise. The energy sector’s agreed salary and wage systems for technical and industrial employees and workers are based on job requirement categories and support a policy of equal wages. As a rule, TVO’s employment benefits apply to the entire personnel, excluding very short employment contracts.

A good work community

TVO offers its employees diverse tasks and opportunities for professional development.

Efforts focused on competence development are extensive and continue throughout the working career. A high competence level is achieved e.g. through targeted training requirements, job rotation, induction training, and work guidance.

TVO has a competitive employee reward system in place and encourages employees to work profitably, meet their goals, and operate at a high level every day. These efforts are further developed based on regular surveys on well-being at work.

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