Utilization of nuclear power is subject to license.

In Finland, the safety of nuclear energy operations is governed by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). In addition to safety control, STUK also governs the safety and emergency preparedness arrangements at nuclear power plants, and manages nuclear material safeguards.

STUK also participates in the processing of submitted applications for licenses in accordance with the Nuclear Energy Act, supervises compliance with the terms of the license, sets out detailed requirements concerning the licensed operations and qualification requirements for the organizations and persons involved in the use of nuclear energy, and ensures that the qualification requirements are met.

The limit values specified for the operation of the nuclear power plant are presented in the Government Decision on the safety of nuclear power plants, in the YVL Guides and the Regulations and the Technical Specifications of the plant approved by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

Radiation limits are defined for the radiation doses for the personnel and the environment, emissions of radioactive substances, and several different technical values concerning the operation of the plant. The operability criteria of safety-related systems and devices that constitute a precondition for the continual operation of the plant are an essential part of the plant’s technical specifications.