Research and development

The key objective of the research activities of TVO is to support the safe operation of the nuclear power plant units, as well as the acquisition and renewal of operating licences, through production of high-quality technical knowledge, and to validate data and calculations for the needs of and use by the plant units.

Modernization and modification work carried out at the plant units, as well as following and using new technology, also create research needs.

In 2019, measures based on safety assessments have been carried out at the plant. These measures have also resulted in the creation of new research areas. Changes made to national regulations (YEL, VNA and YVL guides) have been taken into account in the definition of research projects. Storage, handling, and final disposal of waste comprise another important research area. The development activities related to the safe final disposal of spent fuel by Posiva Oy still remains the most significant objective of research for TVO as we approach the 2020s.

For more information, read

TVO's Rasponsibility Report 2019 (pdf)