Production charts

Disruption-free, predictable and competitive electricity production is the objective of TVO’s operation and maintenance activities. Nuclear and operating safety always comes first.

Plant safety and reliability is developed in a well-planned way. Modifications or renovations carried out at the plant are implemented according to plans approved in advance so that the plant can be used for as long as possible. Well-planned, correctly sized testing and inspection measures ensure the safe and reliable operation of the plant. Plant maintenance operations are implemented in a well-planned manner, predicting potential disruption situations, and preparing for the measures the situations require.

Unplanned Automatic Scrams / 7000 Hours Critical:

  • 2015: 0.0
  • 2016: 0.0
  • 2017: 0,0
  • 2018: 1,3
  • 2019: 0,0