Competence development

The safe operation of a nuclear power plant depends on qualified personnel interested in competence development.

Competence management at TVO aims at ensuring and maintaining the professional competence and skills required in the nuclear industry for both TVO’s own personnel and for the outsourced workforce. An individual training plan has been prepared for each employee of TVO. The plan is used to track the completion of the training required to reach full qualifications, and to plan any further training that is needed.

High quality, long-term planning and a proactive approach are the key characteristics of personnel development. A high competence level can be achieved with the help of unit-specific training requirements, competence surveys, job rotation, induction training, and work guidance.

The Group prepares an extensive annual training program each year with the aim of maintaining and developing competencies in a centralized manner and with smart use of resources. The program takes into account unit-specific training requirements and other training needs identified in the different parts of the organization.