Sites to visit at Olkiluoto

At Olkiluoto Visitor Centre, you can visit the “Electricity from Uranium” exhibition on your own and learn about the surrounding nature at Olkiluoto on the Observation Trail. The ONKALO exhibition is available to groups booking a guided visit.

The exhibition “Electricity from Uranium”

At Olkiluoto Visitor Centre, you can learn about a nuclear power plant’s operating principle and the nuclear fuel’s journey from bedrock to bedrock. The exhibition “Electricity from Uranium” is a joint project by TVO and Finnish Science Centre Heureka that allows you to see, understand and try things for yourself.

The science exhibition contains a wealth of information regarding nuclear power. You can easily find answers to your questions by pressing the different buttons, pedalling the bicycle and reading the various information packages. You can view the exhibits in your own desired order or use the guide leaflet. The material is available in Finnish and English.

ONKALO exhibition

The ONKALO exhibition explains the final disposal solution and the ongoing research inside ONKALO that is used to verify the suitability of the Olkiluoto bedrock for final disposal. You will also learn about the release barriers for radioactive substances, the equipment and machinery designed for final disposal and the future construction of underground facilities.

The research facilities at the plant waste repository (VLJ cave), located at a depth of 60 metres, will give you a good understanding of the scale of the final disposal activities. Prior to the construction of the ONKALO research tunnel, the exhibition space was used for research related to tunnel excavation and the drilling of deposition holes. As a result of this research, the space now has three deposition holes and some metres of a final disposal tunnel.

The space is used for research in the final disposal of low and intermediate radioactivity level plant waste. Currently, a joint study by TVO and Fortum on the long-term durability of concrete is under way.

The ONKALO exhibition also explains the different work roles related to the final disposal studies. For example, guests can test their bedrock survey skills as a geologist, their mathematical abilities as canister developers and their competence in chemistry measurements. Each of them can also test and feel the composition of bentonite clay and use the pellet press to create their own bentonite pellet souvenir.

The ONKALO exhibition is available to groups booking a guided visit to Olkiluoto.

Olkiluoto Observation Trail

Learn about the nature at Olkiluoto!

On the Olkiluoto Observation Trail, you can learn about the special characteristics of the surrounding nature at Olkiluoto and the environmental research conducted in the area. The one-kilometre trail, called “Power from Nature”, runs along the forest and seaside, near the outskirts of a nature conservation area. The trail starts and ends at Olkiluoto Visitor Centre, and it is open during the summer season.