Development of plant units

TVO’s operations are subject to licenses, permits, and supervision by the authorities. The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) supervises nuclear and radiation safety.

TVO is not alone in managing safety. Other nuclear power companies, industry associations, research institutions and regulators are seeking ways to develop the safety of nuclear power and safety culture at the power plants. For example, WANO, the worldwide association for nuclear power operators, supports compiling operating experience and utilising it among its members.

TVO is renewing the Olkiluoto power plant according to the principle of continuous improvement. Modernisations and plant modifications have been performed throughout the plant units’ operation, and the safety features of the units have been improved in many ways. Particular attention has been paid to ensuring the cooling of spent fuel under all conditions. Both plant units have also been equipped with a severe accident mitigation system that allows for preventing a large release in case of an extremely unlikely severe accident.