Special events

TVO processes all operational events that occur at the Olkiluoto nuclear facility and also monitors events that take place at other nuclear facilities across the globe. Activities are constantly developed on the basis of any observations made.

The international INES scale is used for classifying events that occur at nuclear facilities. The INES scale has seven severity levels, of which levels 4 to 7 are accidents, 1 to 3 are incidents that negatively influence safety, and level 0 is an exceptional event with no safety significance.

TVO analyses and investigates all events that may have affected nuclear safety and defines the corrective actions for their causes. TVO publishes news on any significant events that may be of public interest in the News sectionof its website. A summary of any events affecting nuclear safety is also published in the TVO Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility report.

For any special situations and operational occurrences, the company will also submit case-specific reports to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) if necessary.