Occupational health and safety

TVO’s goals are to guarantee its employees, contractors, and service providers a safe workplace and operating environment, as well as to verify that standardized operating methods are used in the Group’s operating area.

The occupational health and safety operations are guided by an ISO 45001 certified occupational health and safety system (OHS system). The system also covers TVO’s share of the OL3 construction phase.

The mission of the OHS organization is to be an expert organization that supports, coaches, monitors, and develops occupational health and safety operations, and helps the line organization and the contractors succeed in this area. The contractors working for the Group in Olkiluoto are responsible operators who work in accordance with the Group’s expectations and comply with shared operating models. This ensures that Group employees, partners and contractors can work safely in Olkiluoto, without the work affecting their health.

The occupational health and safety policy is included in the Group-level policy under social responsibility. Starting points of the occupational health and safety policy are zero accidents, maintenance of a good atmosphere and working conditions, as well as zero tolerance in terms of workplace harassment or bullying. The OHS target of all employees is to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

When making decisions about occupational health and safety, the Group is committed to hearing the employees and any employee representatives, as well as ensuring their inclusion. According to the zero accidents principle, all accidents can be avoided by carefully planning the work, using preventive safety measures, and adhering to strict quality standards.

Reports on functionality of the OHS system and the required corrective measures are submitted to the management twice a year in connection with management reviews. Annually set OHS targets support the development of the operations.