Structure and technical data

OL1 and OL2 can each be divided into three structural entities: the reactor building, the turbine building, and the auxiliary buildings.

The highest building at both units is the reactor building enclosing the reactor containment. The reactor is inside the containment. The reactor hall, at the top of the building, contains the reactor pool and fuel pools, pools for reactor internals, a reactor service bridge for refueling operations, and an overhead crane.

The turbine building houses the high pressure and low pressure turbines, generator, exciter, and condensers. There is one HP turbine and four LP turbines. The auxiliary buildings include the waste building and the hot workshop.


A Reactor containment building

B Reactor building

D Turbine building

E Control room building

F Waste building

H Auxiliary buildings

N Hot workshop/laboratory building(OL1 only)

P Entrance/office and staff amenities building

T Cooling water supply

X Switchgear building

Z Main transformer

Z1 Startup transformers

Technical data

Electric powernet 890 MW
Reactor thermal power2,500 MW
Overall efficiencyA little more than 35%
Reactor working pressure 70 bar
Number of fuel assemblies 500
Fuel Uranium dioxideUO2
Fuel consumption Approximately 20 tonnes per year
Main steam temperature 286°C
Annual electricity production Approximately 7 TWh
Number of rod cluster control assemblies 121
Sea water flow rate 38 m3/s
Turbine rated speed 3,000 rpm
Number of turbines 1 HP + 4 LP