Science and technology camps at Olkiluoto

Something fun and useful to do in the summer! Meant for girls and boys in elementary school, the camps are arranged at Olkiluoto in Eurajoki.

The participants will be able to study, experiment with, and resolve chemical and physical phenomena. They will also learn different ways of working and spend time together with their friends. During previous camps, the participants have made volcanoes and lava lamps, and conducted a variety of chemistry and physics experiments. No previous experience is necessary – curiosity and enthusiasm are enough!

The camps are one-week day camps (Mon–Fri), from 9 am to 2 pm. The price is EUR 125 per week or EUR 100 per week for siblings. The price includes guided activities, transport, daily lunch and snacks, the required materials, and insurance. The transport is from Rauma, Eurajoki, and Pori. The camp participants will be raffled, giving priority to all children who have not attended a TVO science and technology camp before. A total of 22 children can attend each camp. There are trained instructors at all the camps.