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Access permit office, opening hours

All persons coming to work at Olkiluoto are met at the main gate, where the access permit office staff instructs them in matters relating to entering the site.

The access permit office is open from 7 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday.

During the annual outage, the access permit office is mainly open from 7 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.

An ID card or passport must be presented when collecting the access permit. A driver’s licence or other proof of identification with a picture is not accepted.


Soon, the largest single climate action in Finland will be taken into use at Olkiluoto. After the commissioning of the third most powerful nuclear power unit in the world, approximately 30% of Finland’s electricity will come from one island, where the entire lifecycle of nuclear power will be managed. Nuclear power plant units in production, various projects and ongoing projects offer unique opportunities for cooperation.

We work with partners who are committed to our safety and quality culture. It is important to us that everyone working at Olkiluoto commits to a high safety culture.

Dear partner,

When the client has approved the employees, please send the following forms filled and scanned to the address resurssit(at)tvo.fi using our security mail: https://securemail.olki.fi

Additionally put the name of the contact person (TVO/POSIVA) to the e-mail.

Please note the maximum size of the security mail 20 MB when sending it to the resurssit(at)tvo.fi mailbox. Send the bigger sendings with several sets.

If you need to fill in the Standar version of (not the concise version) Request for personnel security clearance, please contact resurssit(at)tvo.fi

You can contact Support of Resourcing at +358 2 8381 8815 or resurssit(at)tvo.fi

Send a non-disclosure undertaking to [email protected] under the heading Non-disclosure undertaking. Confidentiality commitments have an electronic signature procedure.

If you need to bring a computer with you to the TVO Group nuclear power plant area, please verify the correct procedure with your contact person. If necessary, fill in the forms below and submit them to your contact person.

Fill in the car register application if you use your own car for travelling to Olkiluoto.

Medical certificates and radiation dose information on foreign persons are to be emailed in advance to the address: [email protected] using the secure email link: https://securemail.olki.fi/

Moving in different areas inside the TVO Group requires the completion of region-specific training. You can find these trainings in OppiNet.

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