Plant units

TVO has been generating electricity for Finnish society for 40 years. Over the years, the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant units have been modernized in many ways, and their safety has also been improved.

Top capacity factors

The capacity factors of the Olkiluoto power plant units, very high even by international standards, testify to TVO’s nuclear power competence. Ever since the early 1990s, the OL1 and OL2 capacity factors have remained between 93 and 97 percent.

The high capacity factors are proof of the reliable operation of the plant units. This is a result of the maintenance efforts of highly skilled personnel, and the continuous improvement of daily operations and plant safety.

Competent personnel

The safe operation of a nuclear power plant requires both up-to-date technology and competent personnel. Competence ensures that duties are correctly attended to at all times and under all circumstances.

TVO continuously organizes training events in order to maintain the professional skills and competence of its personnel. Most of the training is related to the company’s own operations: plant and operating technology, in particular.

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Safety culture

Good nuclear safety is not only created through technology; the employees’ commitment to the high morale and correct methods required by the sector play a crucial role. This commitment is called safety culture, and it is part of ensuring plant safety. The company requires the same commitment from its subcontractors.

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Proactive approach and continuous improvement

Proactivity and continuous improvement are TVO values. TVO pursues a policy of systematic long-term planning. Ways of improving equipment, procedures, and instructions are being continuously sought, and any shortcomings are corrected or eliminated.

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Safety principles

All operations at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant are based on safety, or more specifically, the defense-in-depth safety principle. Safety is ensured through systems which have redundancies, are mutually independent and physically isolated from each other, and operate with different principles. The main principle of nuclear safety is that radioactive substances may not escape into the environment under any circumstances.