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TVO is a hub of Finnish nuclear power expertise. The company’s top-quality results are produced by skilled, professional, and experienced employees. The TVO Group employs more than 800 nuclear power professionals.

TVO possesses expertise on the entire lifecycle of a nuclear power plant from design and procurement of a plant unit to the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Olkiluoto is a competence center with all the resources and operations required by safe and economical production of nuclear power, and a shared operating culture to steer all operations.

The Code of Conduct defines TVO’s general principles concerning practical operations and social responsibility. The purpose is to create a unified way of working in accordance with a shared framework of responsibility and ethics.

To ensure the employees’ high competence and continual ability to work, and to build a good workplace atmosphere, TVO encourages its employees to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing and to maintain a proper balance between work and leisure. Operations are developed on the basis of regular wellbeing surveys.

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