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Fuel for Olkiluoto 3 EPR is in Olkiluoto


The fuel required for the start of electricity production at OL3 EPR has now arrived in Olkiluoto. The 241 fuel assemblies needed for fuel loading, as well as four spare assemblies, have been inspected and transferred inside the plant. A total of 128 tons of uranium is needed in the reactor.

Many pre-conditions had to be fulfilled to implement the fuel transports in the autumn of 2017. For example, the nuclear material safeguards system of Euratom had to be in place, and practices related to radiation processes established. When the pre-conditions had been fulfilled, the transport operations were carried out in compliance with a plan approved by the authorities, and now the fuel assemblies have been inspected and transferred to the OL3 storage. The fuel transported to Olkiluoto is stored in the dry storage for fresh fuel and in the water-filled fuel pool.

Hot functional tests are currently in progress at the OL3 plant unit. Successful completion of the hot functional tests will allow the operating licence to be granted for OL3, and the project can proceed to fuel loading. The fuel needed for fuel loading is now available in Olkiluoto. Based on the plant supplier's schedule, the plant unit will be connected to the national grid for the first time in December 2018, and regular electricity production will start in May 2019.