Teollisuuden Voima Oyj’s Interim Report 1 January–30 September 2023


During the first three quarters of 2023, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj’s (TVO) electricity generation at the Olkiluoto 1 (OL1), Olkiluoto 2 (OL2) and Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) plant units continued safely and reliably.

A failed rotor was replaced at OL2 in August 2023 in the replacement outage which lasted 17 days.

Electricity generation at OL3 has continued without interruption following the provisional takeover in April 2023 and the start of commercial operation in May 2023. For the time being, the grid operator Fingrid Oyj has limited OL3’s production to a maximum of 1,570 MW. Furthermore, output at all three Olkiluoto plant units has been reduced in situations where electricity generation has been high in the Nordic countries. Production from all three plant units substantially supports Finland’s self-sufficiency in terms of electricity and helps in achieving the goals for carbon neutrality.

The processing of Posiva's operating licence has progressed at the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), and Posiva is submitting responses to the requests for additional information. On September 2023, STUK reported that the safety assessment and statement on the operating licence application for the disposal facility for spent nuclear fuel will not be completed this year. Work with the installation and commissioning of systems at the encapsulation plant has progressed as planned. In the first actual deposition tunnel, investigations relating to verifying the suitability of the tunnel and defining the locations of the deposition holes for the final disposal of nuclear fuel have been completed.

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