Popularity of Nuclear Power Remains High


Energiateollisuus (Finnish Energy) released its latest energy attitude survey today. The popularity of nuclear power remains strong, as over half of Finns, 54 percent, would like to increase the use of nuclear power, and 28 percent consider the current situation appropriate.

Only about one in ten respondents, 11 percent, are in favor of reducing nuclear power. According to the newly published study, the popularity of nuclear power is slightly declining, as last year 65 percent of respondents were in favor of increasing nuclear power.

Small modular reactors (SMRs) also receive a positive reception in Finland. According to the study, nearly 70 percent view SMRs very or somewhat positively, and the number of opponents has decreased. Sixteen percent of respondents expressed a negative view towards SMRs.

When discussing the importance of goals, it seems that we have returned to the time before last year's energy crisis. The significance of energy self-sufficiency has decreased since the previous study, while climate issues have returned to their previous levels.

The energy attitude survey was conducted by Iro Research Oy, with a sample size of approximately a thousand citizens. The data was collected in October. The research produced by the energy industry has a long tradition, as the attitudes of Finns towards energy have been studied since 1983.