Olkiluoto 3's electricity production resumes mainly at full power


Olkiluoto 3’s (OL3) electricity production resumed today, on Wednesday, 15 March at early morning, as the test production continued. Regular electricity production will begin in April 2023, as previously announced.

- The maintenance of the pressurizer valve stations has now been completed, so the commissioning can be continued. Now, we shall run the final tests before regular electricity production commences, says Marjo Mustonen, SVP, Electricity Production.

First, OL3 will undergo a so-called performance test, followed by a demonstration run of approximately one month. In the upcoming weeks, OL3 will produce electricity mostly at full power.

The most important objective of the 24-hour performance test is to demonstrate the electricity production capacity of the plant at full power. Thereafter, a trial of just over a week will begin in order to demonstrate the reliability of OL3, i.e. trouble-free, continuous production capability. The final stage of the demonstration run is reserved for testing the control properties of OL3, with the output briefly reduced to several different levels.

OL3´s regular electricity production will begin after these last trials in April. Then, about 30 percent of Finland's electricity will be produced in Olkiluoto.

For further information, please contact:
Johanna Aho, Head of Communications, +358 40 729 0822