Highest honour of world’s oldest electricity sector magazine to OL3


The Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant unit won a prestigious recognition towards the end of the year. POWER Magazine, the world’s oldest publication representing the electricity sector with a history of up to 140 years, has chosen OL3 as the recipient of the Nuclear Power Plant of the Year Award. The Award itself goes back a long time, as the Magazine has selected the best plants every year since the 1980s.

POWER Magazine has honoured the top performers in electricity production with its annual Top Plant Awards already for over 40 years.

In addition to nuclear power plants, the Magazine rewards every year also coal and gas fired plants as well as plants operating with renewable energy. The winners are chosen by the editorial staff of the POWER Magazine, usually based on nominations submitted to the Magazine.

The award winners are often selected on merit related to innovative plans or engineering solutions. According to Aaron Larson, the executive editor of POWER Magazine, many winners have also introduced new-generation technology or solutions for management of environmental protection, in addition to other top qualities.

Mr. Larson himself wrote a feature on the winner in POWER Magazine and during the process studied TVO’s story in more detail. He also interviewed OL3 Project Manager Jouni Silvennoinen for the feature via a Teams meeting.

- I have myself worked in the nuclear industry for several years and I was very impressed about what I learned. It became quite clear that TVO is committed to extremely ambitious quality goals in everything they do. OL3 is absolutely worthy of the Award, Larson says.

The Nuclear Power Plant Unit of the Year was declared in the November issue of the POWER Magazine.
You can read the article here.

The feature highlighted three winning attributes for OL3.
1) The commitment and dedication of the project team despite difficulties.
2) The significance of the plant in mitigating climate change and as a pillar supporting energy security for Finland.
3) Safety features integrated already in initial plans to cope with severe accidents.

What is POWER?

US-based POWER can boast being the oldest magazine in the world focusing on electricity production. The first POWER Magazine was published already in 1882.

The monthly periodical discusses electricity production in the wide sense of the term. Apart from news from the sector, it also follows technology, best practices and the most recent trends in the industry.

The print version of the Magazine has 65,000 subscribers, but as with many other media, most of the readers choose the digital version. In the past year, the website of POWER Magazine has been visited by up to 1.9 million readers.

The Magazine is published in 12 issues a year, but online articles are posted several times a day.

Text: Ville Kulmala
Image: The cover of POWER Magazine 11/2023