Olkiluoto 3 at full power for the first time


Olkiluoto 3’s nuclear commissioning has proceeded to the full electrical power level of approximately 1,600 MW. The plant unit is now the most powerful nuclear power plant unit in Europe and the third most powerful globally. Regular electricity production is to start in December 2022.

Approximately 40 percent of Finland’s electricity is currently produced in Olkiluoto. Olkiluoto 1 and Olkiluoto 2 produce approximately 21 percent of the current electricity demand in total and Olkiluoto 3 approximately 19 percent.

- Today, we have reached a historically important figure on our production monitor. We will now focus on completing the tests according to the commissioning programme and reaching regular electricity production in December, says Marjo Mustonen, Senior Vice President for Electricity Production.

Significant tests and irregular electricity production to follow

Ten sets of tests impacting the plant unit’s power level remain, all of which excluding one have already been carried out at the lower power levels. In some of the upcoming tests, the plant unit’s production is either intentionally interrupted or the power level is lowered. A completely new test to be completed is the so-called Fault Ride Through (FRT) carried out together with transmission system operator Fingrid, in which a short circuit is caused in the main grid’s test area. In addition, multiple tests are conducted at full power which have no impact on the plant unit’s power level.

The production forecast during nuclear commissioning can be followed on our website at: https://www.tvo.fi/en/index/production/plantunits/ol3/ol3forecast.html