An automation update on the turbine island will be performed in Olkiluoto 3


The automation update on the turbine takes about two weeks. This has no effect on the overall schedule of the test production phase of the plant unit. Regular and normal electricity production is still going to begin in December 2022.

The test production phase at 60 percent power level will be moved to the end of August. In this case the plant produces electricity at about 850 megawatts (MW) power level. Test operation will proceed to 80-percent power level tests in September. The first full-power tests are scheduled in the begin of October.

The production forecasts during the test production phase may change due to the needs that emerge during the test production phase. The purpose of the test production phase is to put the plant unit through different tests at varying power levels. Any needs for repairs or maintenance or inspection works identified in the tests are addressed during the test operation phase. This ensures predictable and stable electricity production for the next 60 years.

The progress of the test operation and the hourly production forecasts can be followed on our website at: