The regular electricity production of OL3 EPR will be postponed due to extension of turbine overhaul


Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) has received additional information from the plant supplier Areva-Siemens consortium that the regular electricity production of the OL3 EPR plant unit will be further postponed for three months due to extended turbine overhaul and inspection works.

During the turbine inspection works, the plant supplier has decided to extend the overhaul to all three low-pressure turbines in order to perform further inspections on them.

According to the received information from the plant supplier, the start-up of the OL3 EPR reactor, i.e. first criticality, will take place in January 2022, first electricity production will take place in February 2022, and the regular electricity production in June 2022.

OL3 plant supplier consortium is constructing the plant unit under a fixed-price turnkey contract. The supplier consortium companies, AREVA GmbH, AREVA NP SAS and Siemens AG, have joint and several liability for the contractual obligations until the end of the guarantee period of the plant unit.

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Jouni Silvennoinen, OL3 Project Director

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