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OL3 is coming and the Olki Crew is ready


The first OL3 operators have successfully proven their professional skills. The first decisions on licenses granted by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority arrived to Olkiluoto on 11 December.

The first 34 OL3 operator trainees have successfully passed their demonstration of skills during this autumn.The education for candidates started as far back as 2005. Although the first operator licenses have been granted, the learning process for the operators does not end here. They will work on maintaining their professional skills and continue practicing operating the plant identical simulator. Simulator training will continue up to the moment when they begin the real work in June next year. At that time, fuel will be loaded into the OL3 reactor, marking an important phase before the beginning of the electricity production. OL3 is set to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of Finland bringing us closer to what would be Finland’s biggest environmental contribution during several decades.

In the meantime, the operators are continuing learning and maintaining their skills. In order to provide full occupation for OL3 main control room shifts, a minimum of 21 operators are needed. All operators have the educational background of Bachelor of engineering. For work in the main control room technical education like automation, electric, energy or process engineering are the most suitable qualifications. The various educational backgrounds of the operator team also provide opportunities to benefit from a diversity of strengths in the operating room.