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​Decision-makers see nuclear energy as means to combat climate change


​TVO gathers stakeholder feedback in a regular poll measuring, among others, attitudes towards nuclear energy. According to a latest poll, decision-makers see nuclear power as an important way of producing electricity, for environmental reasons. One concern flagged by respondents was the economic viability of the nuclear power.

Close to 75 percent of people polled see nuclear power as an important means to combat climate change. Over half of the respondents see nuclear power as a long-term energy solution. All told, trust in nuclear power has remained good, even excellent. There were no significant changes compared with the previous poll.

Attitudes towards the final disposal of nuclear waste were mapped for the first time. Over half of the respondents feel that nuclear waste can be safely deposited in Finnish bedrock.

Those people polled included, among others, political decision-makers, government officials, media and lobbyists. The attitudes of the respondents were found to be more positive among those more familiar with the activities of TVO and Posiva.

Of the people responding to the poll, 80 per cent see TVO as a responsible nuclear power company, playing an important role in Finnish society. TVO was characterized as a necessary and trustworthy player with long experience as a stable electricity producer.

Posiva also received good grades in the poll, with close to 88 percent believing Posiva has an important role in Finnish society and 78 percent stating that they can trust Posiva’s operations. According to the open replies Posiva’s reputation is characterised by progressiveness and know-how.

Respondents were concerned about the economic viability of nuclear power and the construction and completion schedule of the Olkiluoto 3 plant unit. Concern was also expressed for the long-term safety of the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

The strong nuclear expertise and responsible operations of TVO and Posiva were seen as strengths.

Male white-backed woodpecker in his work in Olkiluoto. (Picture: Hannu Huovila)