Modernisation projects, power output increases and stable electricity production at Olkiluoto NPP


All in all, Teollisuuden Voima’s (TVO) nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto had a good production year in 2017, although the figures did not reach those of previous years due to large modernisation projects. The production volume of the whole power plant totalled 13.4 TWh (billion kilowatt-hours) of electricity in 2017. The combined load factor of the plant units was 87.2 percent.
Olkiluoto 1 (OL1) achieved a production result of 7.16 TWh. The result suffered slightly from the replacement of damaged fuel assemblies in the autumn. The production result of Olkiluoto 2 (OL2) was 6.26 TWh.

The load factor was 81.3 percent for Olkiluoto 2 and 93.1 percent for Olkiluoto 1.

- Due to some major modifications and repair works carried out during the annual outage, the load factor of Olkiluoto 2 did not rise as high as in previous years, explains Marjo Mustonen, Senior Vice President, Electricity Production.

The annual outage at OL2 was implemented with a view to the renewal of the operating licence. As a result of the modifications carried out, the nominal output of the OL2 plant unit was increased to 890 megawatts (previously 880 MW) at the turn of the year.

New operating licence expected by mid-2018

At the beginning of 2017, TVO submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment a new application for an operating licence for the Olkiluoto 1 and 2 nuclear power plant units. The current operating licence will expire at the end of 2018. The decision-making body is the Finnish Government whose decision is expected by mid-2018.

Major works during the annual outage of the Olkiluoto 2 plant unit included replacement of the recirculation pumps and their frequency converters, renewal of the neutron flux calibration system as well as modernisation of the heating system that contributes to residual heat removal.

Corresponding modifications and an increase in nominal output will be implemented at the Olkiluoto 1 plant unit in the annual outage of spring 2018. The modifications will further improve the safety and reliability of the plant units, including recovery from events caused by exceptional natural phenomena.

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