Support for nuclear power showing an increase in spring


A recent survey conducted by TNS Gallup for Finnish Energy shows an upward trend in the proportion of Finns who have a favourable attitude towards nuclear power as an energy source.
According to the survey that was carried out in March, 41 percent of Finnish people are now in favour of nuclear power and 23 percent are against. The rest have no opinion on nuclear power.

In the corresponding survey ordered by Finnish Energy a year ago, the proportion of respondents in favour was 39 percent while 25 percent were anti-nuclear power.

Finnish Energy has gauged the attitudes of Finnish people towards nuclear power through similar surveys already since 1983. Finnish Energy received the results of the survey in late March. TNS Gallup conducted the survey as telephone interviews and the number of respondents was 1000. The question asked was: "What is your general attitude towards nuclear power as an energy source in Finnish conditions?".

Development of the acceptance of nuclear power 1983 - 2017

1983-2004 Gallup omnibus, 2006- telephone interview

TNS Gallup, Finnish Energy