TVO office cleaning to increase environmental responsibility


More ecological cleaning methods were taken into use at various TVO offices in Olkiluoto at the beginning of February. That means using more environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and more efficient separation of waste practices in working areas.
The Swan-labeled cleaning, which sets the strictest requirements on contents, dosage and consumption of chemicals in cleaning agents has been introduced, while waste separation best practices included dispensing with waste bags in small waste bins.

”In the future we will undertake one weekly inspection round each waste point and report results to our operation control system,” says Service Manager Merja Piirainen fom RTK-Palvelu Oy, in charge of TVO cleaning.

”Chemical consumption is also being cut with the introduction of ready-to-use solutions from our own dosing device. This device also strengthens work safety in that employees are never in direct contact with concentrated cleaning chemicals.

The chloride previously used in cleaning is substituted for environmentally friendly, oxydizing detergent and disinfection substances. In addition, WC and lockerroom facilities are to be exclusively equipped with 100 percent Swan-labeled soaps. Of the soft tissue paper, 90 percent will be environmentally labeled.

The TVO Visitor center in Olkiluoto moved to Swan-labeled cleaning already in 2014 and the results have been good, with chemical consumption at the center decreasing by 26 percent and the consumption of waste bags by 51 percent.