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Concreting continues at the Olkiluoto 3 construction site


The concrete production plant at the Olkiluoto 3 construction site is again in operation.  The operation of the plant was interrupted early February due to detected concrete quality non-conformities.  The required measures for ensuring the quality have been taken and the operation of the plant can continue.

After quality non-conformities were detected, TVO studied questions related to quality management and made a proposal concerning corrective measures to the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).  


- TVO and STUK inspected today the operational procedures of the concrete plant and approved of the corrective measures.  Now the work can continue, said the OL3 Project Director, Mr Martin Landtman.


According to Project Director Landtman, slightly too high water contents were measured in some concrete lots and, therefore, the operation of the concrete plant was stopped in early February. - We knew already then that the delivered concrete will fulfil the set strength requirements.  This has been verified from cast test pieces, tells Mr Landtman.


Examinations on the already cast concrete will continue.  Relating extensive documentation will be reviewed and experts' studies on the cast concrete's properties continue.


- Now we aim at finding out whether all requirements relating to environmental stress resistance will be fulfilled also on long-term and whether corrective measures will be needed, e.g. additional coating for the uncovered concrete surfaces, continues Martin Landtman.



For further information:


Mr Martin Landtman, Senior Vice President, Project

Tel. +358 9 6180 4100.