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Come and visit us

Welcome to study the fascinating world of nuclear power!

Olkiluoto_vierailukeskus.jpgVisitors' Center

“Electricity from Uranium” science exhibition gives you an opportunity to take a look at the operating principle of a nuclear power plant and the path of uranium fuel as it travels from bedrock to bedrock. The Olkiluoto observation trail gives you the opportunity to get to know the special features of the island’s natural environment, and take a look at the environmental research being carried out in the area. These are free of charge.

Address: Olkiluoto Visitors’ Center, Olkiluoto, FI-27160 Eurajoki, Finland

The Olkiluoto Visitors’ Center is open
  • in the summertime (from May to September) daily from 10 am to 8 pm
  • in the wintertime (from October to April) Mon–Fri from 10 am to 6 pm, Sat–Sun from 12 noon to 6 pm

Please be prepared to provide an ID as you arrive at Olkiluoto. Photography is only allowed in the Visitor Center.

Welcome to Olkiluoto!


International Press Visit Day is organized a couple of times per year and includes up-to-date information sessions with the companies Teollisuuden Voima Oyj and Posiva Oy. Read more.  

Group visits

Group reservations (email): visits(at)tvo.fi.

TVO Nuclear Services Oy arranges customized visits and seminars with a technical content on commercial basis.

The minimum group size is ten visitors.

The guided basic tour includes coffee, an introduction of the company, a visit to the operational waste repository, the ONKALO exhibition describing the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel and the Electricity from Uranium -scientific exhibition.

The basic guided tour takes approximately three and a half hours.

Personal information is required two weeks in advance of all the participants of the group, i.e. citizenship, passport number, date of birth, name, place of birth and employer’s name. All visitors must present either a driver’s license, a passport, or an official identification card when arriving to Olkiluoto. The area tour will be carried out with the visitors´ bus. Small groups can be transported with a maximum of two private cars. We protect your personal data well - read more from Privacy Policy.

Welcome to visit us.