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The views of stakeholder groups regarding TVO’s corporate social responsibility aspects are best obtained from the continuous flow of visitors to Olkiluoto. A visit to the Visitor Center and the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is the best and most effective way for stakeholders to learn about nuclear power.

The Visitor Center is open to all visitors with no advance booking needed. The Electricity from Uranium science exhibition at the Visitor Center provides information about the production of electricity using nuclear power and covers the entire lifecycle of the uranium fuel from responsible mining to safe final disposal.

Groups with advance reservations may receive a guided tour of TVO’s operations, complete with a bus tour of the Olkiluoto power plant area and a visit to the operational waste repository. A new ONKALO exhibition in the repository provides visitors with information about the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

The total number of visitors at the Visitor Centre in 2017 was 12,459. Of this number, 6,375 studied the exhibition on their own. The number of various groups of visitors was 343. Visitor groups consisted primarily of schoolchildren and students, as well as members of various associations and staff groups from different companies. Every summer, open visits referred to as "Summer Wednesdays" are organised. At best, they have attracted up to a hundred visitors to Olkiluoto during the day.

A kilometer-long observation path runs in the vicinity of the Visitor Center. The route has information boards on the special characteristics of nature in Olkiluoto and the environmental research and surveys conducted in the area. The observation path is open in the summer only; at other times, it can be accessed as a virtual representation on the TVO web site. People may also search for geocaches in the immediate vicinity of the Visitor Center while studying the operation of the power plant.

Welcome to Olkiluoto!