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OL3 can be divided into three structural entities: the reactor building, the turbine building, and the auxiliary buildings.

The tallest and most central structure is the reactor building that is comprised of a double-shell containment built of reinforced concrete. The building includes the primary circuit, a core melt spreading area, and the in-containment refueling water storage tank. At the top of the building is the refueling machine and a crane for lifting heavy components.

The turbine building houses the high and low pressure turbines, generator, exciter, and condensers, among other systems. There is one HP turbine and three LP turbines.

The auxiliary buildings include the radioactive waste processing building and the reactor plant auxiliary building.
A Reactor building
B Safeguard building division 1
C Safeguard building division 2
D Safeguard building division 3
E Safeguard building division 4
F Fuel building
G Reactor building’s auxiliary building
H Radioactive waste building
I Emergency diesel building
J Access building
K Office and staff amenities building
L Turbine building
M Switchgear building
N Circulating water pump building
O Essential service water pump building
P Anti-icing pumps
Q Auxiliary boiler building

Technical data

Electrical power
net approx. 1,600 MW
Reactor thermal power4,300 MW
Overall efficiencyapprox. 37 %
Reactor operating pressure155 bar
Number of fuel assemblies241
Fuel uranium dioxide UO2
Fuel consumption approx. 32 t/year
Total fuel weight approx. 128 tU
Main steam temperature 290 °C
Annual electricity output approx. 13 TWh
Number of control elements 89
Containment height 63 m
Containment outer diameter 57 m
Sea water flow rate 57 m3/s
Rated speed of the turbine 1,500 rpm
Number of turbines1 HP + 3 LP