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TVO processes all operational events that take place at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant, and follows events at other nuclear facilities around the world. Operations are continuously developed based on the observations made.

The events that take place at a nuclear power plant are classified on the international INES scale according to their degree of severity. The INES scale has seven categories of severity. Category 4–7 events are classified as accidents, category 1–3 events as incidents or anomalies with a negative effect on safety, and category 0 events as deviations with no safety significance.

In 2017, seven events occurred at the Olkiluoto plant that were rated on the INES scale. All seven events were rated on the international INES scale to level 0 (of no significance to nuclear or radiation safety). TVO publishes all significant events that are of interest to the public in the News section of its website.

Technical and human factors have been identified by TVO as causes of the latest events. The changes considered necessary on the basis of the assessments made are implemented for the further development of the procedures.

Whenever necessary, TVO also submits separate case-specific reports to STUK for any special events and operating transients.

INES incidents