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Cooperation with stakeholders, as well as reviews related to it, are carried out in accordance with the stakeholder strategy. TVO's most important stakeholders include the personnel, shareholders, authorities, investors, decision-makers, local community, contractors, media and the public.

Stakeholder reviews are carried out at regular intervals, and the relationship with the stakeholders is adapted to their expectations. Regular dialogue is necessary to be familiar with the stakeholders' expectations. The Company seeks to identify through regular discussions and surveys the expectations of the stakeholders and to meet them using all available means and methods. Equal interaction with all stakeholder groups is important to TVO.

Interaction and footwork

Dialogue with stakeholders is the basis of TVO's development. The views of the stakeholders are taken into account in all of TVO's plans and decisions that may have a significant impact on the local community or the Finnish society.

The expansion of the interaction was continued in 2017 to cover new stakeholder groups, and TVO participated in various events across Finland. It is considered particularly important for TVO to meet the citizens face to face providing everybody with the opportunity to discuss matters related to nuclear power and electricity production. TVO cooperates with political decision-makers and the government in the development and adoption of laws and guidelines pertaining to the energy sector. TVO does not support political activities.

TVO communicates its operations in an open and neutral manner, without delays and based on facts. TVO aims for open and active interaction with all levels of society, including decision-makers, opinion leaders, and the general public. The objective is to increase knowledge of nuclear power and build mutual trust among stakeholders, as well as to support open and constructive interaction in the immediate region, in Finnish society, and within the international nuclear energy sector.

The company participates in the public energy production discourse in which many different values are expressed. TVO also respects the views and values of those who have a negative attitude towards nuclear power and TVO’s operations.

TVO is an active participant in both the national and international nuclear power community and in various organizations and communities of the nuclear energy sector.

The most important international organisations in which TVO is a member include Foratom that represents the European atomic industry, as well as the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) which focuses on the development of nuclear safety.