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The operation of the TVO Group is based on the defined principles and values, ethically sustainable operating practices are promoted, and unethical operating practices and situations are challenged.

The cornerstones of responsible leadership and operating practices are the Company values, on which the Company-level policies and the Code of Conduct are based. TVO's objective is to operate in a responsible, transparent, proactive manner and to continuously improve operation.

TVO complies in its operation with valid laws, regulatory guidelines and principles of good governance. Operation also fulfils the requirements laid down in STUK's Regulations and Nuclear Power Plant Guides (YVL Guides). Everybody working at TVO is required to comply with legislation and regulatory guidelines and regulations, the principles of good governance and TVO's voluntary commitments. TVO's managerial and supervisory personnel have the task of starting discussions about TVO's policies as well as the values and responsibilities on which they are based, and of controlling that laws and regulatory provisions are complied with in the activities of each responsibility area. The Legal Function in cooperation with the Internal Audit Function and the Safety Function provide support and advice in legal questions and questions related to business ethics. Internal Audit is for its part responsible for verifying that laws and regulatory requirements are taken into account in the operation of the organisation.