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TVO’s corporate social responsibility policy and its practical implementation through the responsibility program form the core of the company’s social responsibility efforts. The goals and actions included in the responsibility program support not only the strategic goals of TVO, but also the aspects of TVO’s operations revealed in the materiality matrix as important for stakeholders.

The significance of responsibility issues to the business activities of TVO and the decision-making processes of the stakeholders is assessed on a regular basis by means of a materiality assessment which is used to identify the aspects affecting responsibility that are the most important for TVO's stakeholders and business activities. Based on the materiality analysis updated in 2016, for TVO the most important aspects of responsibility include a safety culture of a high standard, a good work community, safeguarding the shareholder value, and the supply of electricity to the Finnish people as well as a positive impact on the climate.

The objective TVO has defined for itself is to develop the work community and the safety culture at the same time it implements actions designed to increase the shareholder value. These three essential aspects of responsibility form TVO's responsibility programme which also provides the framework for other daily development and HR efforts. The continuous improvement of the safety culture, the safeguarding of the shareholder value and the development of a good work community are still improvement areas in the 2017 responsibility programme.

The achievement of the goals defined in the programme is reported to the Management Group of TVO Group and to the employees yearly in connection with responsibility reporting. The results are also posted on TVO's Internet site. The results are also posted on TVO's Internet site. The fourth of TVO's material aspects of responsibility, the production of electricity to the Finnish people and a favourable impact on climate, is reported on a yearly basis in connection with responsibility reporting.

Safe operation

Improvement of safety culture

Methodical Oversight reporting

Safety observations (qty)

No unexpected requirements from external reviews
Implementation of
action plan for occupational safety
Reporting related to safety monitoring has been established in TVO Group.

A total of 2,602 safety observations were made in Olkiluoto in 2017. Observations have been made by the personnel of TVO Group as well as contractors.

TVO completed in March 2017 a self-assessment of theeffectiveness and coverage of the safety management system, and safety culture. The assessment is carried out every four years. According to the assessment, safety culture at TVO is on level two of the three-level scale.

The activities included in the action plan for occupational safety were executed in compliance with the plan. The accident frequency rate (accidents / one million working hours) is 2.2 in Olkiluoto. This rate does not cover the OL3 worksite, as the Consortium's accidents are reported by the Consortium.

Shareholder value

Cost-effective operating practices improve the competitiveness of nuclear electricity produced in Olkiluoto

Preparations for production start at

Progress of Posiva's project

Volume of electricity production

Capacity factor of plant units
Fastest possible completion of OL3 is an important factor affecting the shareholder value. The most important milestones achieved in 2017 included the successful execution of cold functional tests in the summer, and the start of the hot functional test phase in December. In October 2017, TVO announced a further five-month delay http://www.tvo.fi/ajankohtaista.

The optimisation phase of the concept and the costs continued in Posiva's final disposal project continued.

The ground excavations for the encapsulation plant started in the autumn of 2016 were completed in the autumn of 2017.

Excavation works for the actual final disposal repository started in December 2016 and have progressed with excavations of vehicle access tunnels to the repository. The first phase of excavation work in the final disposal repository has been estimated to take two and a half years.

The business operations of Posiva Solutions Oy which provides expert services in the field of final disposal of spent nuclear fuel have had a good start.
Almost a dozen project agreements have already been signed across the world.

Good employer

Improved well-being at work supports the corporate strategy and the development of the corporate culture

Work satisfaction


Sick leave %
(percentage at the
end of the year)
The second phase of the development work related to work satisfaction in the “Better work place” project (formerly “Well-being and profitable employees 2020”) continued in 2017.

The themes of the plan for well-being at work include values, attitudes and motivation, health and work conditions, leadership as well as competence. These themes were highlighted in 2017 and the inclusion of personnel was promoted in many ways.

The sickness absence percentage was 2.1%.

The total number of training days for the personnel was 10,639 in 2017, i.e., on average 13.2 days for every TVO employee.

The implementation of the competence survey project progressed during the year across the Group according to plans. The objective is to identify all the competence areas needed in TVO Group. Competences and the criticality of the competences in terms of business operations were defined in 2017. The competence survey project will continue in 2018.