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Electric energy is one of the basic necessities in modern society. Electricity is important to households and a key production prerequisite for the business sector.

Competitiveness of climate-friendly nuclear electricity

With regard to the security of electricity supply and greenhouse gas emission mitigation, nuclear power is an extremely viable form of electricity production. Through reliable power generation, TVO secures the stability of the numerous operators in many Finnish municipalities, supports their competitiveness, and thus improves employment opportunities throughout Finland.

The climate-friendly and reasonably priced electricity provided by TVO replaces other energy sources that place a greater burden on the environment. Another benefit of nuclear electricity is its stable and predictable price. This is why nuclear energy suits superbly to meeting the basic demand for electricity in Finland.

According to the survey conducted by Finnish Energy towards the end of 2017, 87 percent of Finnish people are worried about climate change and their view is that the whole world should join in the fight immediately and using all possible means. The survey that was conducted in November 2017 was ordered by Finnish Energy and conducted by IRO Research Oy. The results of the survey have been published on the Internet site of Finnish Energy (Finnish).

According to TVO's stakeholder survey carried out in late 2017, 71% of decision-makers considered nuclear power to be an environmentally friendly electricity production method.

Price of nuclear power remains stable

A stable and predictable electricity price is extremely important for Finland because of the structure of the country’s industry and the cold climate. Most of the total costs of nuclear electricity are capital costs, while fuel costs remain fairly low. The price of nuclear power thus remains stable and highly predictable, even over the long term, although the price of the uranium fuel might fluctuate. The construction and production of nuclear power does not need economic support from society.

Nuclear power is an extremely efficient energy production method: for example, the amount of uranium fuel that fits into a matchbox is more than enough to produce electricity for one year for a family of four living in a detached house with electric heating. Electricity produced in Finland brings wellbeing and offers the preconditions needed for growth – and it will continue to do so in future as well.