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In 2017, the combined power output of the Olkiluoto units, OL1 and OL2, was 13,415 GWh. The combined load factor of the plant units was 87.2%. TVO produced approximately 16% of all the electricity consumed in Finland.

The plant units operated safely. The net output of OL1 was 7,158 GWh and the load factor was 93.1%. The net output of OL2 was 6,256 GWh and the load factor was 81.3%.

The Olkiluoto site also featured a one-megawatt (MW) wind power plant. until 1st June 2017. TVO gave up producing wind power in 2017 because the structures and generator of the mill were too badly damaged in order to be worth fixing.

Production figures

Net production (GWh)
The plant unit's own electricity consumption (GWh)
Capacity factor (%)93.191.496.2
Efficiency (net) (%)

Net production (GWh)6,2567,3016,864
The plant unit's own electricity consumption (GWh)226265248270258
Capacity factor (%)81.394.689.2
Efficiency (net) (%)35.435.135.1

Wind power plant (1 MW)20172016201520142013
Net production (GWh)
Capacity factor (%) 


Improving energy efficiency

TVO has for several years participated in the voluntary Finnish Energy Efficiency Agreement for Industries. For the first time TVO signed the Agreement in 1998. Efforts have been focused on the continuous improvement of energy efficiency at the plant units and in the Olkiluoto area, as required by the Agreement.

TVO continued in the Energy Efficiency Agreement also for the period of 2017-2025, in which the associated Action Plan for Energy Production aims to implement actions designed to make the use of energy more efficient and to improve the efficiency of primary energy use as well as the total efficiency of energy production. TVO's total energy savings target for the years 2017–2025 is 150 GWh which equals the average annual consumption of about 7,500 single family homes heated with electricity.

Activities designed to improve energy efficiency in 2017 in the power plant process included the replacement of main circulation pumps and the replacement of turbine condensor at OL2. In addition outdoor light fixtures have also been replaced with more energy efficient in the Olkiluoto area, installation of an air-to-water heat pump, and also pulling down barracks from the 70's used as office spaces. In 2017, TVO continued conducting baseline state reviews in all of the buildings that had not been reviewed yet. In addition, compressed air system was reviewed in OL1, unite performance tests and energy analyses were conducted to both operational plant units after the annual outage.

TVO carries out activities related to energy efficiency as part of normal operations. For TVO, the highest potential for savings is related to the improvement of the efficiency of the electricity production process; this has been implemented according to long-term plans throughout the operational history of the Company through plant modernisation projects. Another area for improvement of efficiency is the reduction of own energy consumption in the Company's area in Olkiluoto. TVO's environmental management system includes energy efficiency system EES+ as an integral part; it is used to make the continuous improvement of energy efficiency more systematic throughout the organisation.