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Laws, decrees, and regulations provide the framework for fire response operations as well as emergency preparedness and safety arrangements. Regulatory guides define the minimum requirements for the operations. TVO carries out emergency preparedness operations in accordance with its own action plans. Experience, training, and drills are used to learn more and to develop the operations.

Provisions for exceptional situations are included in TVO’s procedures, and they are used as the basis for action, training, and practice plans that relate to emergency preparedness operations, fire safety, and security arrangements. The procedures are regularly reviewed and updated. TVO has prepared crisis communication procedures and also practices their execution during drills for exceptional situations. Corporate Communications is responsible for crisis communications.

Several exceptional situation drills were organized in 2017, including emergency preparedness drills, joint drills with the fire department, and joint drills with the security organization. Drills are organized every year, and their scope and duration vary in accordance with the objectives of the drill. The purpose of the drills is to test procedures for their coverage and practical feasibility, and to improve cooperation between various operators. The most important cooperation parties include the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, the police, and the rescue services.

Instructions on what to do in case of a radiation hazard
Safety bulletin in case of a chemical hazard