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Do nuclear power plant employees have a higher incidence of cancer than other people?
No, they do not.

Is the health of the employees monitored more closely than normal?
TVO's employees are covered by a normal, comprehensive occupational health care system. Employees working in the controlled area are dived into radiation work classes A and B. The monitoring of the health of the employees is based on this work class to verify that they are fit to carry out their intended duties.

What are all the 800 employees needed for, if the plant unit could be operated by just seven people?
A large number of experts are needed to operate and maintain a nuclear power plant. All the employees have their own specific duties and areas of responsibility. Skilled personnel constitutes an important resource. TVO's employees work e.g. in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, I&C, process engineering, materials, nuclear technology, nuclear physics, information technology, financial and administrative services, human resources development and communication. In addition to TVO's own personnel, about 800 subcontractor employees work on the island on a permanent basis. Some 1000 subcontractor employees are additionally needed during annual outages. The OL3 project at present employs a good 3300 people.

What is the stand on alcohol at the power plants?
TVO follows a zero-tolerance policy as far as alcohol and other intoxicating substances are concerned. Random tests are carried out on persons entering the plant units in connection with automatic access control. People who are visiting at the plant units may not be under influence of alcohol either.

Can both women and men work at the nuclear power plant?
Certainly. TVO has women working as licensed reactor operators.

What percentage of the external outage personnel are Finnish workers?
Almost 90%.

The outage personnel work six weeks on the island. Where are they employed the rest of the year?
They come from different subcontractor companies and their employers are responsible for their employment. Quite a few of the people working in Olkiluoto during the annual outages are employed as outage workers also at other power plants.