20.09.18 Finnish Government approves extension of operating licences for OL1 and OL2 plant units
18.09.18 Inter-service exercise in Olkiluoto
13.09.18 Maintenance at OL2 on Thursday 13 September
20.07.18 OL1 and OL2 are again generating electricity to the national grid
19.07.18 ​OL1 plant unit to be synchronised to national grid on Thursday evening
18.07.18 ​OL1 plant unit disconnected from national grid – OL2 to be reconnected to grid tomorrow
18.07.18 The current transformer fire has been extinguished
18.07.18 ​Current transformer fire at Olkiluoto switchyard
18.07.18 Teollisuuden Voima Oyj’s Interim Report January–June 2018
11.07.18 Load reduction test to be carried out at Olkiluoto 1 on Thursday, 12 July
03.07.18 Hot shutdown at Olkiluoto 2 on Thursday, July 5th
29.06.18 Turbine valve repair work at OL1
25.06.18 Annual outages complete – Olkiluoto back to producing reliable power
13.06.18 OL3 EPR's regular electricity generation starts in September 2019
08.06.18 Changes in ownership of TVO's shares of Meri-Pori production capacity
30.05.18 Hot functional tests completed successfully at OL3
16.05.18 OL3 reaches turbine testing
09.05.18 Disruption of production at OL2 plant unit
08.05.18 TVO issued a EUR 400 million bond
07.05.18 Annual outages at the halfway mark at Olkiluoto NPP
23.04.18 Annual outages start at Olkiluoto NPP
23.04.18 Teollisuuden Voima Oyj's Interim Report January–March 2018
03.04.18 Changes in TVO's Management Group
28.03.18 Settlement agreement on OL3 EPR project completion and related disputes has entered into force
23.03.18 ​TVO’s Board of Directors continues in its current composition
23.03.18 IAEA assesses prerequisites for start of safe operation of Olkiluoto 3 EPR plant unit
22.03.18 Standard & Poor's removed TVO's credit rating from CreditWatch Negative
11.03.18 TVO confirms a settlement agreement signed on OL3 EPR project completion and related disputes
06.03.18 Change in senior management at TVO
01.03.18 Teollisuuden Voima’s Annual Report 2017 published
08.02.18 Fuel for Olkiluoto 3 EPR is in Olkiluoto
03.01.18 Modernisation projects, power output increases and stable electricity production at Olkiluoto NPP