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The operations are managed with a certified environmental management system that complies with the international standard ISO 14001:2015, and includes as well an energy efficiency system.

The system is EMAS-registered, and the goal of the management system is continuous improvement and increasing the level of environmental protection. TVO has identified the environmental and energy aspects of its operations and determined that seven of them are major aspects. The significance of environmental and energy aspects are assessed on the basis of statutory and permit requirements as well as by observing the magnitude, probability, and severity of the impact. Other factors affecting our assessment include TVO’s stakeholder groups and TVO’s opportunity to influence the issue.

TVO has specified for significant environmental and energy aspects long-term targets that are confirmed by the Company Management each year. An environmental team of experts from various organisational units monitors the achievement of the targets on a regular basis, at intervals of about two months. Other subjects discussed in the meetings of the team include potential environmental nonconformances and observations, as well as topical regulatory matters and other environmental issues. The team acts as an expert, advisor, and information forwarding party in environmental matters. In 2017, the focal area of development was Olkiluoto integration from environmental perspective, in other words introducing TVO Group level practices and implementing them to business units (TVO, Posiva Oy), developing the energy efficiency system and increasing the reclamation of waste. The achievement of the objectives of the environmental programme is described in full under Environmental Programme 2017 .

The feasibility of the environmental management system is assessed semi-annually in conjunction with the management review. If necessary, corrective actions are specified to ensure that the goals are reached. TVO identifies all statutory and other requirements pertaining to its operations and systematically monitors the requirements for any changes. Compliance with the requirements is also assessed in conjunction with the management review. Furthermore, TVO’s operations are regularly assessed both within the organization and by means of external audits.

Continuous management of environmental issues

An environmental programme has been prepared for the years 2016–2018 to ensure the achievement of the environmental targets specified in Company-level policies and to improve the efficiency of the management of significant environmental and energy aspects. The targets specified for 2018 are in line with the strong commitment to sustainable development and are based on the targets of the previous year. The focal area of development in 2018 is to enhance the environmental risk management and to add environmental training and communication. The efforts based on long-term goals are continued as concerns e.g. the management of radioactive emissions and the thermal load of the cooling water.

Significant environmental and energy aspects and associated long-term objectives and targets for the years 2016–2018

Significant environmental and energy aspectsObjectives  and targets
1. The thermal load on the sea caused by the cooling
1. Management of environmental load

Temperature measurements in the nearby sea area
- Continuing self-directive temperature measurements

Developing environmental risk management
- Implementation of risk assessments in connection with the OHS risk assessments carried out by the occupational safety organisation in areas requiring a more detailed analysis
- Training in environmental risk assessment provided to personnel working in these areas

Managing environmental matters at OL3 construction site
- Updating the environmental plan of OL3 construction site
equivalent to implementation phase

Optimised and controlled environmental load regarding
chemical use
Optimising the supply of NaClO used for the prevention of Cordylophora caspia (freshwater hydroid) at the OL1/OL2 plant units and planning the prevention of algae growth for OL3

Sustenance: Controlling the thermal load caused by cooling water
2. Sustainable land use
3. Spent nuclear fuel produced during operations
2. Improving material and energy efficiency and
sustainable land use

Improving energy efficiency actions and system
- Implementation of the measures designed for the improvement of energy efficiency

Aknowledging biodiversity
- monitoring the key indicators illustrating biodiversity in Olkiluoto

Maintaining the amount of landfill waste below 9,5 % of
the total amount
- Organising training related to waste sorting
- Updating sorting guides

Reduction of the low and intermediate level waste
- Organising training related to reducing materials in controlled
area for TVO employees and the revision staff

Reducing environmental impacts resulting from
personnel's working methods
- Renewing the environmental training
- Communications related to environmental matters
according to communications scheme

Sustenance: Sustainable development of land use and
construction of infrastructure at Olkiluoto by
acknowledging the business requirements of TVO group.
4. Selecting the product and service suppliers
5. Storage and handling of hazardous or harmful
3. Improving suppliers' environmental responsibility

Steering and follow-up of the suppliers' management of environmental issues
- Preparation of environmental and responsibility plans with cooperation partners who have continuous operations in Olkiluoto
- Development of the supplier assessment procedure with respect to environmental and responsibility issues
- Implementation of environmental audits

6. Significant radioactive emissions into the
environment during an accident situation
7. Radioactive emissions into the atmosphere in an
exceptional situation
4. Isolation of radioactivity originating from the powerplant from the natural environment

Ensuring the purity of the process, zero foreign material deviations
- Increasing the awareness of the risks related to foreign materials, and encouraging all to observe and report them
- Guidance and training related to loose parts shields

Continual objectives:
Maintaining radioactive emissions into the atmosphere well below regulatory limits

Maintaining radioactive emissions into water bodies well below regulatory limits

Managing nuclear safety risk.

Anticipation to improve environmental safety

There were no major environmental accidents or non-conformances in the area of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in 2017. Three minor environmental incidents occurred. When pulling down an office building, a 3 kg (4.3 t CO2-ekv) release of F-gas promoting the climate change took place from the cooling device due to a human error. In November about 40 litres of oil spilled down on a paved yard because of a fault in a forklift's hydraulics system. All the oil was recovered and the spill absorption materials were sent to an appropriate further treatment. In December, due to a breakage in waste water treatment plant's machinery, a 214 m3 leakage of partly treated waste water occurred.

TVO utilises a system of preventive safety observations to prevent environmental accidents, as only identified risks can be controlled. The target specified for observations related to the environment and energy efficiency for 2017 was 80 observations during the year. With 200 observations made, the target was more than achieved. The safety observations concerned, for example, waste handling, management of chemicals, energy efficiency, and malfunctions of machines. All the safety observations made are monitored and any deficiencies are eliminated immediately to avoid accidents. The environmental authorities are informed of all significant environmental nonconformances and events.

Active communication with stakeholders

Stakeholders have a key role for a company that is engaged in environmentally responsible business. The Olkiluoto Visitors' Center receives about 12,700 visitors each year. The visitors are openly told about TVO’s operations, and their questions are answered. Each year, TVO introduces its operations at various trade fairs or other similar events. Furthermore, TVO arranges open coffee and chat events in the neighbouring municipalities, allowing citizens to speak with representatives of the company. In addition to these it is possible to send feedback or questions in TVO web pages. TVO did not receive any expressions of concern related to environmental issues from external sources in 2017.

The Company's system of initiatives also supports stakeholder involvement in TVO's environmental management. The total number of initiatives in 2017 was 212. Part of the initiatives were directly or indirectly related to the reduction of the environmental impacts of the operations or to the improvement of energy efficiency.