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In its company-level policy, TVO commits itself to the principles of sustainable development, and environmental responsibility is a key part of the TVO management system.

Electricity produced with nuclear power is climate friendly. TVO carries its responsibility for the environment by identifying the environmental and energy efficiency aspects of its operations and minimizing the related adverse impacts. Furthermore, TVO sets targets for its operations in compliance with the principle of continuous improvement. TVO has monitored the impact of its operations on the state of the environment since 1970's and launches immediate corrective actions when necessary. The TVO Group takes care of the environmental competence and expertise of its personnel and others working at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant.

TVO believes that its overall responsibility for all stages of the fuel cycle is important. The adverse impacts of the operations at all stages of the electricity production chain are minimized and TVO ensures that nuclear fuel is used in a safe manner from raw material acquisition to final disposal. TVO monitors and supervises the environmental management of fuel suppliers. TVO requires responsibility from suppliers in ensuring and developing the living conditions in the surroundings of uranium production and processing plants while taking local people into account. Fuel is taken care of in a responsible manner all the way from uranium mines to final disposal according to the “from bedrock to bedrock” principle.

The objective of TVO is to prevent and reduce the already low emissions of radioactive substances. Potential exceptional events in the plant process are predicted and preparations
are made in order to prevent potential harmful environmental impacts.

Energy and material efficiency is taken into account in all of TVO’s operations

TVO observes energy efficiency requirements and improves the energy efficiency of its operations throughout the organisation. TVO monitors its own energy consumption and improves its efficiency by taking energy aspects into account in project planning, the procurement of components and the development of operating practices and procedures. Plant unit modernisation projects improve the energy efficiency of the power plant process.

TVO improves the efficiency of the use of energy, and raw materials, and improves the reuse of waste. The goal is to increase the relative share of waste delivered to reuse and to decrease the amount of radioactive waste. TVO also strives to reduce the amount of spent fuel through optimisation of the use and properties of the fuel.

Sustainable utilization of the environment is taken into account in the development of the Olkiluoto area and expansion of operations. Surrounded by four nature conservation areas, the small island of Olkiluoto produces around one sixth of all the electricity used in Finland. Centralising energy production into a small area minimises the environmental impacts and makes it possible to preserve other areas in their natural state. The design and construction of any new nuclear power plant units aim to minimize harm and disruption to the environment.

TVO requires not only from its own employees but also all the companies and partners working in the power plant area commit to the company-level policies and the TVO Code of Conduct, and that they have a responsible attitude towards environmental issues.