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emissions TO THE AIR

With regard to the management of radioactive substances, TVO always strives to keep any emissions well below both the emission limits set by the authorities and TVO’s own target limits, which are more stringent than the official limits.

Radioactive emissions to the air

Emissions of noble gases into the atmosphere were 0.04% and emissions of iodine 0.8% of the permitted regulatory limit.

In 2017, there was a fuel leak at the Olkiluoto power plant which resulted in the release of radioactivity into the environment through the main stack. The radiation safety of the environment was not endangered. Radiation doses and emissions stayed below the regulatory limits with a good margin.

In 2017, the theoretical radiation dose of a person representing the most exposed population group is estimated to remain below the limit value with a good margin. The radiation doses of the employees also remained below the limit values.

Radioactive emissions
to the air
Noble gas TBq (Kr-87 equivalent)3.439.69000.217
% of allowed amount 0.040.10000.0023
Iodine TBq (I-131 equivalent)0.00090.00155     
% of allowed amount 0.81.5000.000240.088
Aerosols TBq0.0250.240.0000170.0000070.00002
Tritium TBq1.072.651.040.690.62
Carbon-14 TBq1.

Carbon dioxide emission

TVO takes part in Finland’s battle against climate change by producing emission free base load power. The Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is included in the European Union emissions trading scheme that aims at monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and achieving the CO2 reduction goals. The power plant’s actual CO2 emissions are generated by the releases of the reserve boilers and the emergency diesel generators. The emergency diesel generators ensure the power supply of the plant in the possible but unlikely loss-of-power situation. In order to ensure safety, the emergency diesel generators are regularly tested in compliance with the technical specifications, which means that their emissions cannot be lowered. The replacement of the emergency diesel generators in OL1 and OL2 between 2018 and 2022 will reduce particulate emissions to the air.

Verified CO2 emissions of the Olkiluoto power plant 2017*2016201520142013
CO2 emissions total (t)717737832448483
OL1/OL2 back-up heating boilers (8 MW + 12 MW) 229549611
OL1/OL2 emergency diesels (8 x 1,8 MW)355491329441478
OL3 emergency diesels (4 x 6,4 MW, 2 x 2,5 MW, 1 x 1,3 MW) 340152764.5
*defining the emissions is unfinished