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Acceptance of nuclear power

TVO monitors carefully the public acceptance of nuclear power by means of opinion polls and surveys conducted on a yearly basis.

In the autumn of 2017, a survey was ordered from Prior Konsultointi Oy on questions important to TVO's stakeholders. The survey was conducted among decision-makers, behind-the-scenes players, officials, experts, media, non-governmental organisations, aspiring politicians as well as TVO's personnel and shareholders. The survey response percentage was 32. Almost 75 percent of the respondents are of the view that nuclear power provides an important means to fight climate change. More than half of the respondents consider nuclear power to be a long-term energy solution which will be used far into the future. All in all, trust in nuclear power has remained on a good or excellent level. The results did not show any significant changes over the previous survey. The respondents were concerned about the financial profitability of nuclear power and about the construction and the completion schedule of the Olkiluoto 3 plant unit. Another source of concern was the long-term safety of the final disposal of spent fuel.

According to the survey conducted by Finnish Energy towards the end of 2017, 87 percent of Finnish people are worried about climate change and their view is that the whole world should join in the fight immediately and using all possible means. Of the respondents, 45 percent considered nuclear power an environmentally friendly electricity production method. The majority of Finnish people believe that the consumption of electricity will increase. This share has increased clearly since 2014. Compared with the previous survey, nuclear power is considered more profitable than before.

The survey that was conducted in November 2017 was ordered by Finnish Energy and conducted by IRO Research Oy. The survey was carried out exclusively in the Internet panel of IRO Research, and the sample of 1000 respondents taken from the panel was weighted according to gender, age and residence to reflect the whole population. The error margin of the survey is +3.2 percent units. TVO is a member of Finnish Energy. The results of the survey have been published on the Internet site of Finnish Energy (In Finnish).