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In order to maintain safety and high quality, the instructions and working methods followed at a nuclear power plant are, in part, more detailed and more binding than those followed at other industrial facilities. You should reserve enough time to obtain the required permits and related documents before you can start working.

All persons coming to work at Olkiluoto are met at the main gate, where the access permit office staff instructs them in matters relating to entering the site. The access permit office is open from 7 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. During annual outages, there are additional opening hours (which are announced separately). You must present a photo ID when collecting your access permit.

The requirements for receiving a personal access permit are as follows:
  • An access permit application
  • A limited security clearance (for subcontractors and persons whose employment lasts for six months or less) or a basic security clearance (for persons whose employment lasts for over six months), valid for a maximum of three years
  • An occupational safety card, valid for five years (required for access to Olkiluoto). Foreign occupational safety card accepted by TVO
  • Induction training, valid for three years You can also complete your induction training at the Fortum Loviisa nuclear power plant or any of Fortum’s Swedish nuclear power plants. You can also complete your refresher induction training course online in TVO’s e-learning environment OppiNet. The time points of classroom training events are indicated at the bottom of this page.
  • A tax number that has been entered in the public tax number register for the construction industry, maintained by the Finnish Tax Administration (required for access to Olkiluoto). The tax number is not required of persons who come to the plant to carry out process maintenance work. In all other cases the tax number is always required.
  • For persons assigned to radiation work category A, a medical examination certificate
  • For foreign nationals working in the controlled area, a radiation dose passport

Induction training

  • General part in Finnish every Monday at 7.30-9.30
  • General part in English every Tuesday at 7.30-9.30
  • Radiation part in Finnish every other Monday (even-numbered weeks) at 9.45-12.00
  • Radiation part in English every other Tuesday (odd-numbered weeks) at 9.45-12.00

Training events are not organised on Finnish public holidays. The times of training events do not apply during annual outages and Christmas holidays.


OppiNet e-learning environment

To ensure the safe conduct of all employees at the nuclear power plant, we have prepared training materials and made them available in the OppiNet e-learning environment. At present, you can refresh your knowledge of both sections of the induction training that is required for an access permit in the e-learning environment.

Click here to go to OppiNet.

Once you have successfully completed the refresher training, please print a certificate, add the end of your social security code, and sign the certificate. Then you can scan it and send it to tuki-koulutuspalvelut(at)tvo.fi to be entered into the records.

Dear partner,
When you have received a workforce order from the TVO Group, please fill in the requested forms and send them to the technical contact person of the TVO Group:
When the client has approved the employees, please scan the following forms and send them to resurssit(at)tvo.fi added TVO´s technical contact person as a copy in the email. Use this link https://securemail.olki.fi/ to send secured E-mail to resurssit(at)tvo.fi.
Instructions on how to fill in the security clearance form and the required information:
If you need to bring a computer with you to the TVO Group nuclear power plant area, please verify the correct procedure with your contact person. If necessary, fill in the forms below and submit them to your contact person.

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