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TVO's Group-level policies and the Code of Conduct are based on the values of the Company: responsibility, transparency, proactivity and continuous improvement. The values are the cornerstones of TVO's operation as a whole.

The Group-level policies that have been approved by TVO Group Management Board in March 2018 outline the key objectives for a responsible corporate approach. The Group-level policies are:
  • Nuclear safety and quality policy (nuclear safety, radiation protection, nuclear safeguards and quality)
  • Corporate social responsibility (environment and energy efficiency, procurement, personnel, occupational health and safety, and communication)
  • Production policy (operation and maintenance of the plant and expansion of production capacity)
  • Corporate security policy (safety of production and operation, personnel safety and facility security, rescue and emergency preparedness and information security).

Group-level policies (pdf)

TVO's Code of Conduct complies with the 2011 updated version of OECD's code of conduct guidelines for multinational enterprises, and it was published in Finnish and English in early 2013.

The Code of Conduct applies to the Company management and administration, personnel, contractors and suppliers, regardless of their position or business location. The Code of Conduct defines TVO's general business principles and policies for responsible operation. TVO uses the Code of Conduct to ensure that all share the same perception of the business practices and ethical principles promoted by the Company.

TVO expects everybody within the Company to follow the common rules and principles of responsibility and ethics. The Senior Vice President in charge of HR and the HR organisation is responsible for both the Company-level policies and the Code of Conduct. Risks arising from non-compliance with the Code of Conduct are managed by means of internal control and as part of TVO's risk management procedures and the control procedures of internal audit.

TVO's Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct steers day-to-day activities

TVO's subcontractors are informed about the Code of Conduct by, for example, attaching the Code of Conduct to contracts concluded with contractors and cooperation partners. TVO's personnel and the contractors operating in Olkiluoto need to complete the online training on the Code of Conduct. By 31 December 2017, 818 people had completed the training course regarding the Code of Conduct in TVO Group. The coverage of the training is 94%.

The management and personnel of TVO, and the contractors and suppliers have the obligation to start discussions about TVO's policies and the values and responsibilities on which they are based, and to report any suspected misconduct to their immediate superior or other management representative, or directly to the internal audit, if necessary. Employees and cooperation partners can report suspected misconduct to the internal audit confidentially using the reporting channel provided on TVO's website, or some other means. Reports can also be submitted anonymously.

In 2017, the internal audit received three reports of possible non-compliance with the Code of Conduct. These have been investigated, and guidelines and recommendations to further specify proper procedures and practices were issued on the basis of them.